These Untold Stories’ Presentation

This is the post excerpt.

Here is what you can expect from this blog:


  • One monthly hip-hop rant written by Splinter
  • Rants by whoever wants to express themselves on any topic, as long as it is hip-hop related and interesting I’ll post it on here
  • Daily hip-hop related posts on the Facebook page
  • All kind of interviews and interesting hip-hop anecdotes
  • Album reviews
  • Weekly untold stories about rap and hip-hop




Author: theseuntoldstories6

My name is Yann Toguyeni but I go by Splinter. I'll write hip-hop rants monthly and you can read them or not... and that's the deal. This blog was also meant to honor hip-hop names that I deem deserving to have their story told, hence the name of this blog, these untold stories. Hip-hop is full of amazing untold stories, and I'll try my best to report them on this blog - Splinter

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